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So, the day has come and passed. I received over 20 000 views on this deviantart profile.
Actually it was sometime around the end of April 20th it happened. but that doesn't matter.
It's a mere number, but also a milestone for so many, Including me.
So therefore I felt like doing a quick status update.

The main events since last time I wrote here includes The Gathering and a startup business full of strange people like me got going.

As far as details go, you might have noticed I my 2 most recent drawings. Both of them got the 5th place in their respective competitions at The Gathering.
That means something must have improved in my art and I'm frankly quite trilled about that. there was a prize for one of the competitions but it was nothing worth mentioning. I'm just happy to be up there.
Other than that this years The Gathering was as usual. I did have some fun with my recently acquired floppy disk camera, a Sony FD Mavica to be precise.

As for the startup I mentioned. Its a fun little dealie, nothing serious yet, but we have some fun concepts in the works. including tools for carpenters, as well as useful gadget for the 2 wheeled adventurerers out there. Or how about a updated and simpler garden hose coupling that reduces the amount of parts and accepts more than one kind of tap?
So yeah, innovation is the name of the game we play. I'll probably come with more details on what we do when the time is right, but not now. 

As for future plans. My next 3 years will be spent in community college, taking a Bachelor degree in Virtual art and design.
One could discuss the need for degrees and papers in the art and design industry. I just want the experience from it, Degrees are just a bonus.
Short term plans include finishing off and releasing an app for a MLP collective card game, it functions as a counter and would be usefull in the tournaments.

Oh, if any musicians are reading this, I am looking for pony music that is chill enough to have a place in my chill-mix project. Like chillstep, Liquid DnB and Ambient music. Suggestions are also appreciated.

So yeah. that will do for a update. Stay awesome folks.

- F4celess


F4celessArt's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Art student at the Hamar University College in Norway.
I have a passion for dragons, I read a lot of fantasy and Sci-Fi and one of my dreams is to create the ultimate Dragon Simulator.

I freelance photography when I can, I take commissions of all kinds within the digital art range and have worked on several music album covers. Beyond that I work part-time for Dynamic Realities on their game project, The Mountain.

My career goals include concepting for the game industry as well as being a car designer.

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